The Novi Police Department offers many rewarding career paths.

Investigating a Crime Scene

Expand Your Expertise

  • The Detective Bureau works to solve crimes, bringing perpetrators to justice, and ensuring that the legal system functions effectively. They are an essential part of the overall law enforcement efforts in a community.
  • The Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force works alongside DEA agents in joint operations and investigations to combat drug trafficking and related criminal activities.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation Gang and Violent Crime Task Force collaborates FBI's efforts to address violent crime, protect communities, and disrupt the activities of criminal gangs that pose significant threats to public safety. It plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order, both at the national and local levels, and is part of a broader network of task forces and initiatives dedicated to public safety and national security.
  • The United States Secret Service Cyber Fraud Task Force works with the United States Secret Service as well as with other federal, state law enforcement agencies, and the private sector, financial institutions, and industry partners to enhance the collective response to financial crimes and cyber threats.
  • A School Resource Officer works to create a safe and secure learning environment while also fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and students, with the aim of improving overall school climate and student well-being.
Specialized Team

Join a Specialized Team

  • The Field Training Team plays a vital role in ensuring that new police officers are not only well-versed in law enforcement principles but also capable of applying them effectively in the field while maintaining a strong commitment to professionalism, ethics, and community engagement.
  • The Special Response Team is a highly trained and specialized law enforcement unit that is typically tasked with handling high-risk and critical incidents that go beyond the capabilities of standard patrol officers.
  • The Crisis Negotiation Team is charged with peacefully resolve high-stress situations and to protect lives, including those of hostages and suspects.
  • The Crisis Intervention Team is a specialized unit within a law enforcement agency that is responsible for handling and investigating critical incidents that may involve the use of force by police officers.
  • Our Peer Support Group is a group of trained law enforcement officers who provide emotional and psychological support to their colleagues within the police department.
K-9 Handler


  • A Police K-9 Handler uses their K-9 partner to assist in various law enforcement tasks, including patrol work, tracking, drug detection, explosive detection, search and rescue, and apprehension of suspects.
  • An Evidence Technician is responsible for the collection, preservation, documentation, and management of physical evidence in criminal investigations.
  • The Novi Police Department uses drones, operated by Drone Pilots, for a wide range of tasks, including surveillance, search and rescue, accident reconstruction, crowd monitoring, and evidence collection.
  • Traffic Enforcement is charged with preventing accidents, reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities, and maintaining order on the roads.
  • Motorcycle and Bicycle Patrol Units offer advantages in terms of maneuverability, visibility, and crowd control. Their presence on the road serves as a deterrent to traffic violations and criminal activities.